Coming soon, List99.com will be introducing a direct-to-market Surplus Asset Liquidation Equity service that will effectively help your organization turn its idle, underutilized or damaged assets into equity.

our goal is to provide your organization the most cost effective process of identifying, evaluating, marketing and dispositioning of your surplus assets, and generating an equity return to you either through direct sale or recycling.

Our process and price points will provide the most cost effective means of turning your assets to equity, with guaranteed returns that will outperform any competitor offering similar services.

Our services include the following

  1. Surplus assets identification, cataloging and inventory
  2. Surplus assets inventory evaluation and appraisals
  3. Surplus assets intellectual property protection through asset debranding and delabeling
  4. Surplus assets removal, storage, refurbishment, sale and fulfillment
  5. Surplus assets recycling services.
  6. Complete transactional control for our clients.


List99.com is an online marketplace where members of our network list items for sale via auction in an online environment. Try us and compare your savings or profits versus any other Auction website. Less fees means more profits for you and more value for your customers.

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